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There are currently no vacancies available. But continue reading please!

Do you think AdBlock Plus is the best thing since the invention of the steam engine?
You don’t start yelling at  your computer when your internet is too slow?
You’ve never heard of reddit?
You don’t like 9Gag & think memes are stupid?

Close this page and leave. We’ll be no match. Bye Felicia.

However, if one of these descriptions is making you yell “That’s Me”, we should have coffee together!

  • I’m an Experienced Online Mediabuyer (Facebook / Native Adnetworks)
  • I’m graduated in ICT/Journalism/Marketing with a love for the online world. I have strong English skills and I know my way around HTML/Photoshop. I have an eye for details.
  • None of the above, but I love cats.

We focus on direct response marketing in the iGaming & Gadgets niche.